Cover Me by Tui a Great Dog Cone Alternative!

A Comfortable and Quicker way for your Dog to Heal!

Cover Me by Tui is the most comfortable and effective alternative to the E-Collar around. The post-surgical pet garment that resembles onesies for dogs, comes in a range of colors, options and sizes to fit any dog’s needs. This pet garment give’s owners an alternative to Cones for dogs or “Lamp Shade” style Elizabethan Collars that cause your pet to be uncomfortable. No More Cone of Shame…The garment acts in a calming way to keep your pet from licking or chewing. Get started shopping today online or find a store or veterinarian nearest you!  (US Patent Protected 8,985,062)

Features & Benefits:


  • Prevents licking & chewing at surgical sutures & hot spots
  • Adjustable fit design for extra comfort & fit
  • Soft, breathable, 100% Peruvian Cotton Fabric
  • Built-in “Potty Cover” for quick & convenient trips outside
  • Available in two styles: Step-Into & Pullover
  • Seven sizes to choose from in short or long sleeves

“Everyone understands that an injury or a surgery can be a very traumatic experience for both the pet and the owner; as veterinary medical professionals we strive to keep these experiences as positive and convenient as we can. The Cover Me by Tui allows us to do just that and offer a whole new level of Compassionate care!”
Dr.Charlie Sink, DVM and Staff



Pics of Tui's Friends